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It ain’t over until the Hallelujah Chorus !

December 28, 2011


As a child growing up in Oklahoma City, one of my favorite annual Christmas highlights was listening to Handel’s Messiah as performed by the Douglass High School Concert Choir.  Already, I know what you are probably thinking.   There can’t be more than a handful of ten or eleven years olds in the entire world that […]

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Why Would you Want to Go There? Sheep Stuff Part Two, Glory Amidst the Doo

December 24, 2011


Why Would You Want to Go There? Sheep Stuff Part Two, Glory Amidst the Doo (Note to self: As  much as you get frustrated that your parents and especially your Mom struggles so much with technology and are computer illiterate, considering some of your choices for titles and subtitles, maybe it’s actually a good thing that […]

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Blue Christmas….Where’s Elvis when you need him?

December 21, 2011

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With Elvis singing, even a Blue Christmas almost seems fun.  If only we could all have a nice guitar strumming and background singers saying “woo woo hoo” or whatever phrase that is, to help us through a tough holiday season and get us through the blues. Last week, I read someone’s Facebook status that said […]

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Finally it’s the write time!

December 19, 2011

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!اهلا وسهلا  bienvenida! добре дошъл! приветствие! 歡迎! 欢迎  Bienvenue! Chào mừng!! Welcome to my first blog!  As someone who claims to be a writer and yet rarely writes, this is an attempt to discipline myself a bit. Here’s the type of articles you can normally expect from this blog: 1.  Hummus – articles dealing with loving your neighbor, […]

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