Chocolate Carmel Matzah bread……My favorite meal

April 6, 2012

Communion / Eucharist

Tired of stale and boring communion bread?   Feeling a need to add a little bit of pizzazz to your next Eucharist Celebration?   Then you need to try our new Chocolate Carmel Matzo bread!   After all, just because it’s unleavened doesn’t mean that it can’t be FUN!

For a limited time and a special price you can feast on the best communion bread this side of judgment!

Try some of our other communion products such as:

Peanut butter crunch Matzo, Banana nut matzo, and for our California friends “Whole grain 100% Organic” Matzo  bread.”

We also serve a wide range of Matzo dipping sauces  -Raspberry, Grape and Strawberry jelly.  And don’t forget our signature brand Communion Bread Spreads:  Presbyterian Peanut Butter, Baptist Butterscotch, Charismatic Carmel and for a limited time Nazarene Nutella.

You’ll turn that frown upside down as your joyously wash those wafers down with one of our organic juices.

Your congregation will be amazed as they sip on fresh grape juice made with the finest grapes from the vineyards of Nazareth (Pennsylvania).   Our selection of Premium Grape Juices will put a smile on even the most selective of palates.   And for the Lutheran  lushes and others who prefer a little more kick (and likely a little more biblical version) in their Communion meal we offer a fine variety of wines.   Try our 2,000 year old limited edition “Upper Room Chardonnay” with bottles autographed by eleven of the original disciples and made in Napa Valley.

Here at iCommunion, we are putting the YOU into Eucharist.*


As a child, I probably would have loved to try the communion products that I joked about above.   Often the communion bread seemed a little plain, stale and odd.   And those were the smallest cups.  I loved Jesus but what kind of meal was this?   And they call it a feast?   Even if it had been an all you can eat buffet, I’m not sure that my eight year old stomach would have been full.

I was probably about 23 or 24 years old before I began to really grasp the depths of the meal that we call Communion, “The Lord’s supper” or the Eucharist.   In recent years, I have come to love this meal and all that it represents.   There is such incredible symbolism and it’s the most beautiful meal.

And it is so much MORE THAN just about YOU or me.   For those of us who are Christ Followers, the Lord’s Supper connects us all the way BACK to the those first disciples who broke bread with Jesus and to every generation of believers between then and now.   It connects us FORWARD  to those who will serve and follow Jesus after we are long gone all the way until we meet together at the Wedding Supper of the Lamb.   It connects us OUT on all to sides to followers of Christ all over the world from every race, tribe and tongue and nationality who love Jesus.   And Yes, it connects us UP to God himself as we are privileged to have relationship and COMMUNION with the eternal God through what Jesus did for us that first Easter Weekend.  I LOVE This meal.

And there is a beauty in it’s simplicity.   From Africa, and Haiti, to China and India,  to  Western Europe and the USA, we all share the same simple meal of unleavened bread and juice/wine.  There isn’t a fancier version for the rich and wealthy and  a watered down dollar menu version for the poorest.   No, we all partake of the same cup and bread.

It’s a meal where all other allegiances become secondary.   The things that too often divide aren’t allowed to stand during this meal.  Doesn’t matter our tribe – Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostal, Presbyterian  or Nazarene, etc.   Neo-charasmatics, Wesleyans, Reformed, and Calvinists share this meal.  There is no special room for Republican Christians or Democrat Christians,   Here all political persuasions are welcome so long as you know who your KING really is!  PRAISE GOD There is No dining room that says WHITES only!  At this divine diner we live out the creed “Red & Yellow, Black and White, they are ALL PRECIOUS in HIS sight.” This is no corner room where Christians whom originate from countries that men have labeled the “axis of evil” must eat alone.   No, HERE we all eat together.   HERE, we are brothers and sisters in Jesus!

I have good news for you!  Not all Christians look and think just like you!  This is not a meal of uniformity but it’s designed to be the most beautiful meal of Unity in Christ Jesus! I’ve been blessed to have a traveled a bit over the years, and I’ve come to realize that I have incredible brothers and sisters in Christ of almost every socio-economical, political, national and ethnical make-up and persuasion.  The same Jesus who called both untrained fisherman and ones who knew the religious law back and forth and studied under it’s best leaders, who preached Good News to the poor and also called swindling Tax-collectors and wealthy men like Joseph of Arimathea, who had both Zealots and former religious terrorists  who claimed him as their Messiah, still calls a variety of people to follow Him and longs for No One to perish but ALL to FIND Life!   This meal is a reminder of WHO we really ARE as Disciples of Jesus.  And when we fully begin to grasp what it means, so many of those other labels begin to fade and are only secondary at best.   I love this meal!  The most incredible act of love occurred that we might celebrate it together as ONE!

                     If you are hungry and thirsty for more of God, there is a place at this table for you!   No matter where  you are or where you’ve been,  you are welcome to come dine!    Neither your past, nor your sins,  nor your disappointments nor your scars will keep you from this table.  You are invited and have a royal invitation!  The only thing to keep you away is YOU yourself, if you refuse to come.   You don’t have to stay the same!  All who are hungry for Jesus and ready to seek Him fully are welcome just as you are! You are welcome to this table to feast with the King as his adopted child and share the most incredible meal and life with your family around the world! 



**Note:  Even though it’s used above for a bit of humor, I have to give a special thanks to Karen & Tom Gray for introducing me to chocolate carmel matzah.   Somewhere, Karen found some creative recipes for matzah bread used by locals during Passover week.  Although we never thought of seriously using it for an actual Eucharist / Communion service,  it really was a favorite for dessert at some of our Friday evening meals at the Jerusalem Church of the Nazarene.

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