This is my personal blog.  Although I hope to write about a variety of topics, more than not my posts and articles will contain an element of either hummus, humor and/or hope.

Hummus   –   In the Middle East, like in many places and cultures around the world, meals represent more than just food.   They are opportunities for hospitality – for sharing life, laughter, and community with both family and new friends.   My “hummus” blogs will relate to cross-cultural experiences, challenges and community.   These articles will deal with three of my lifelong loves – cultures, all kinds of people, and food.  Yet I reserve the right to occasionally write about something shallow and just review a favorite new restaurant or dive.  I’m convinced that the world would be a better place if more people of diverse backgrounds and opinions could break bread and share a bowl of hummus together (or if they’re in Oklahoma share some tortilla chips and salsa).

Humor  –   Laughter is a gift of God.    Life is rarely easy but I’ve found that those times in which I lose my sense of humor that it’s almost impossible.  As I’ve gotten older, I don’t filter as much as I used to.   Life is too short and a laugh isn’t meant to be wasted. My humor may be cheesy or odd for some, but as long as I’m laughing, who cares?   I’m not always funny but as much as I can, I’ll try to incorporate my unique view of the world into my writing.  Humor has helped me build friendships around the world and more than once gotten me out of a difficult situation (and more than once gotten me into trouble.  But I usually leave those stories for others to tell :)).

Hope  –    It’s a power packed four letter word.     Men and women have drown in depths of despair without it.   Yet, the greatest of accomplishments have occurred because of it.   On any one day, much of the world is consciously or subconsciously in some sort of lament and grief.   And in such times, it’s way too easy to lose sight of our hope and future.  Yet, just one ray of sunlight can pierce the darkness.  One simple flap of a butterfly’s wings has the potential to cause a storm in the desert.

Even in my rawest and most honest of blogs, I’ll try to alway convey a sense of hope. It’s my firm belief that the gospel message is ultimately “GOOD NEWS” for “ALL PEOPLE” and that NOTHING can separate us from the love of Christ!   I’m a ragamuffin captivated by hope!

Often these blogs will tend to be devotional in nature.   I’ll always welcome your feedback and comments.



Philip Rodebush is  a speaker, writer and Christ follower who is originally from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He has been blessed to have lived in Bulgaria, Washington, D.C.,  and nearly a decade in the Middle East. He currently resides in Ethiopia with his gorgeous wife Kay and a joy-filled toddler named Rachel.  Philip is madly in love with both of the women in his life.  A one time world-renowned kazoo player and child prodigy on the instrument, he left fame and the incredibly wild lifestyle of a kazoo band member to follow and pursue his true passions and call.

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